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Authentication Center

For our customers' safe investment, BIMAX provides the following authentication procedure as below.

  • - You may start cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency withdrawal/deposit after completing email verification.
  • - You can not trade under 19 years old.
  • - For better security, using OTP authenticator is recommended
Step.2 Verification of name (Required)
Step.3 Bank account authentication (Required)
Step.4 OTP authentication (Recommended)
OTP authentication allows you to use OTP authentication when you withdraw / log in assets, which enhances your security.

1. download OTP app

(PLAY STORE / APP SOTRE are the same)
Open APP
You may download 'Google Authenticator' from PlayStore(Android)/Appstore(iPhone)

2. Register Bimax account in OTP

Please, scan your QR code or enter security key in the Google Authenticator

3. Enter the Google OTP Security Key in 6 digits

Enter the Google OTP Security Key in 6 digits

Stop.5 Identification validation (Recommended)
For members who have completed ID authentication, daily cryptocurrency withdrawable amount can be 300 million won(based on KRW conversion of KRW)/ KRW 100 million in KRW