Purchase of Bimax voucher allows free of charge in transactinon fee for a time period.

[Deposit Guidance]
1) Even with your existing deposit history, same procedure will be required for every deposit.
2) After deposit code is matched with your deposit reservation, it may take some time for the deposit to be reflected in one’s account.
3) Deposit process may be delayed more than usual in case of server check, or heavier banking transaction volume.
4) Deposit may be impossible or delayed during the usual bank routine maintenance period (23:30 to 0:30 every day)
5) On your first deposit of KRW, withdrawal of KRW and cryptocurrency will be completely limited for 72 hours.
6) Deposit requisition can be applied up to 10 times.
[Deposit Precautions] PLEASE READ!
1) You must deposit the same amount of money you requested in STEP1 from STEP2 account at once.
2) The four-digit deposit code must be entered somewhere it can be displayed in Ogre’s bank statement.
3) In the case of the followings, deposit is cannot be processed. To solve the issue, you must contact Ogre’s customer service center via leaving a message in customer inquiry > “Input Payment Inquiry". It may take more than 10days to be reflected in your Ogre account.
Same amount as the voucher price should be deposited to purchase the fixed-rate voucher.
Transferred amount is different from the requested, e.g.) deposit KRW 20,000 and after requesting KRW 19,800.
The amount requested is divided and transferred more than once. e.g.) request KRW 54,800 and deposited twice, divided into 27,400.
Missing 4-digit deposit code input
Invalid 4-digit deposit code input e.g.) input 1243 while the correct code is 1234
4) In the case of deposit delay due to discrepancies between requested and transferred money, missing deposit code input and invalid deposit code input, you need to attach a transfer confirmation certificate from the bank you transferred when making inquiry, (In this case, transfer confirmation certificate must be able to check the name of the depositor, account number, deposit amount, and deposit time.)
5) Deposit application is valid for one hour. After the valid processing time expires, the deposit is automatically canceled and would be needed to be requested again for deposit.
6) Transaction fee for the transaction after valid deposit processing time, an hour, will be charged to the user, not the company.
7) If the deposit is not reflected in the account or delayed, please contact the customer center.